Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I'm Loving Right Now

As you all know Mother's Day is just around the corner and then it will be my birthday but neither come before my anniversary with The Hubs!!!  So to save him, my mother and mother-in-law some trouble I decided to write a post with a few things I am LOVING right now.  Maybe you think I am being silly but if I don't tell them exactly what I want then they will give me money or a gift card and I always end up paying bills or buying stuff for others and they all said they are over that :)  In no particular order here you go!

I LOVE taking pictures but I want to be cute while taking them :)  I LOVE ruffles and I LOVE this Strap Cover with a lens cap pocket!  Cute right?

This one can be misleading...  Let me explain.  I do not want a Chi.  I actually want a fake Chi because I think it is crazy to spend that much on a straighter.  My straightener broke about three weeks ago and it has been crazy dealing with my hair since then.  

I am sure you are all laughing out loud at me right now but I absolutely LOVE these shoes!!!  TB has a pair and I would love  a pair :)  And yes they do come in my size :) :) :) 
I also absolutely LOVE this shoe!!!  Toms have come a long way :)  How cute would these be with white linen shorts and a cute summery top?  Or a cute summer dress?  The only downer is I won't be able to wear them to work :(  Silly rules about corked wedges!!!

I HAVE to have this necklace!!!  It is a Lisa Leonard necklace and I absolutely adore her stuff!  Seriously, you should check her out.  This is "Faith Hope Love" necklace :)  I already have one necklace and I am not only eyeing this necklace but I have to wait a long while on the other one!

Now, about this...  I have to start running and exercising.  (The Hubs and I are going to start Insanity in two weeks!!!  I am so scared!!!)  So, since I am going to be working out and running I need to look cute while doing so... Even if I will be at home!

I realize that shirt does not match these shorts - these are just examples so if you get me workout clothes please make sure they match for me :)  

Another trick... I do not have to have Nike socks but while I was on their website I remembered I needed some.  I have ONE lonely pair of socks :(  If I plan on working out and running I need more than one so I'm not having to do laundry every day!  


  1. Brooke, you are so right! It is definitely a small, small world. Awww...I love getting to see Taylor Brooke! Congrats on the new baby! How exciting! I've added me to your list of followers, and I'm so excited to watch the girls grow. :) Have a great weekend! And thanks for stopping my blog too. :)

  2. Found your blog from Kellys Korner! Congrats on your new bundle of joy...precious family!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this way of dropping hints on what the hubs (and parents) to get you. Congrats on the new baby.

  4. Hey girl! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I am from Birmingham, but I lived in Tuscaloosa for four years while I was in school. Your family is beautiful and I look forward to following! Y'all have a great weekend.
    Oh and I so don't blame you for dropping hints of what your loving. I do the exact same thing if someone gives me money.

  5. Hey there! Found your blog thru Kelly's Korner! I am from Columbus, Ms originally...I actually went to school at U of A for one semester of college :) anyways I still go to Tuscaloosa a lot when I'm back home! Im a new follower of your blog now! :) Your little girl is presh!

  6. Yay another Alabama blogger! Glad we are all linking up :) I look forward to following you, feel free to do the same!