Monday, January 30, 2012

27 Weeks & Elli Kate's Nursery Sneak Peek

EK's Crib :)  LOVE!!!

EK's Dresser & Changing Table

EK's horribly, disgusting Mommy

Size of Baby: 2 lbs and about 14.5 inches long - head of cauliflower 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Probably up 20 lbs...We shall see Thursday!

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Gender: Girl, Ellison Kathryn

Movement: Yes, I just love feeling her move.  And she is now getting big enough that T can watch her move!

Belly Button: Is starting to come forward but its still in.  

Interesting Facts: EK is sleeping and waking in regular intervals, opening her eyes and sucking her fingers, even though her lungs are immature she could survive with lots of medical help!

Sleep: Is pretty much non-existent but I look at it as practice for getting up all night. 

What I miss: Nothing really... I LOVE being an incubator for my precious baby girl! Couldn't be more blessed!!!

What I am looking forward to: My Dr apt Thursday!  4D & Sugar test... Okay maybe just the 4D :)  My mom is coming in to town to go to the apt with us and I am super excited to see her.  I have missed her!!!

Cravings/Aversions: Water, Pepsi... White Chocolate Oreos

Symptoms: Swelling and some slight cramping

Best Moment This Week: Cleaning out EK's room, Painting EK's room and getting her furniture in and put together!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Take it easy!  Put those footsies up!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

25 Weeks

25 Weeks... Fat & Happy

Don't you just love my shoes... notice I'm not in heels?
Size of Baby: Approx 13.5 inches and a pound and a half (however, my money is on the fact that EK is a lot bigger than that seeing as Dr P told me today that I was measuring ahead:)) The size of an average rutabaga.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weighed... 160! Gasp... I know :(  I am very disappointed in myself!!!  My super sweet hubs though said I was all belly.  Actually honey, I'm not but thanks :)

Maternity Clothes: Well that's a definite!

Gender: GIRL

Movement: Yes but you see TB was born 6 weeks early because she stopped moving so now that EK has gotten bigger and I can feel her more I freak my freak when she stops.  I'm good if I am busy at work but when I realize she hasn't moved for a couple of hours I down a pepsi (in like 10 seconds) and wait and wait and wait.  Then Little Miss decides to move and make her Mommy happy!

Belly Button: It is starting to flatten but I still got a ways to go.  I am thinking it will be completely flat or poking out a little come Baby Time!!!

Interesting Facts: EK is growing more hair and if we could see it then we could discern the color and texture!  I hope she has a head full like her "sissy"!!!

Sleep: It is hit or miss.  There are good nights and bad but here lately more good than bad.  

What I miss: Nothing!  

What I am looking forward to: Our 4D ultrasound in 2 weeks!!! And the fact that I have started my two week appointments this week!  This should make the time fly by!

Cravings/Aversions: White Chocolate Oreos... Jim N Nicks Cheese Biscuits... Water... This list could go on and on!

Symptoms: Swelling, moodiness and hot natured!

Best Moment This Week: Hearing EK's heart thumping away and hearing Dr P say those magic words...TWO Weeks and I'll see y'all again!

Weekly Wisdom: Stay off your feet...The housework and laundry can wait!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Updating...

So I was thinking about going back and updating all the weeks I have been too busy to update on but then I thought I would just combine them all together... Then I thought I would just give you a current up to date rundown of how I feel and EK and then posts some pics of why I have been so busy.

So Little Miss Ellison Kathryn is doing fabulous :)  We all love her so much already!  I can not wait to see how our families explode once she gets here.  At Christmas she got just as many presents as TB (because my mom will NOT show favoritism - even while in the womb) and she has way too many clothes!!!  I didn't realize how many clothes I had for TB when she was a baby until I started going through them to get ready for Elli Kate.  The only down side is that EK and TB will be opposite months.  TB was born in September and EK will be born in April.  Spring - Fall....  See, we need to shop a little bit!  Plus, all the monogrammed outfits with TB on them we can not use for EK and EK has to have some monogrammed outfits!

In pregnancy news: I have gained a few pounds.  I haven't weighed and will not weigh again until my next doctors appointment but I know I have from the way I feel and look.  And to be completely honest, as long as EK is healthy I don't care.  The weight will eventually come off, one way or another.  On to the swelling though...  This is insane!  I did not swell with TB at all until after I delivered TB and that was from me disobeying dr.'s orders!  I no longer have ankles and I can no longer wear heels.  If you know me you know this is extremely hard for me.  I wear heels and I wear them high!  I actually wore 3 inch heels to deliver TB!  The Hubs took me to dinner with some friends Friday night and then out for a little shoe shopping.  I desperately needed some cute and stylish flats but everything I saw that I loved was 3 inch platform heels!  Then as I was trying on some lovely flats (insert sarcasm) my husband asked that I would please pull my pants leg down as we might know someone in the store and it would be embarrassing for them to see my swollen ankles/legs!  Let's just say, he apologized real quick like for the not so humorous joke!

Now onto a picture OVERLOAD :)

Fall 2011 Pictures

My Beautiful!!!  Cant wait to have two standing by that tree.

Pure. Simple. Love.

Papa, TB, MeMaw and Levi!  The Grands with their Great Grands!

The Payne's at the The Thomas 2011 Christmas

TB, The Hubs, Me, Mimi, Pop and Uncle Chaddy

The Thomas Clan


Look what Santa left...

Someone was tired

But found her nutcracker!

With daddy trying on her Carheart's and hunting boots!

The 4-wheeler...  BIGGEST hit of all year. 


This just makes me smile :)

We be silly!

Me and my BFF

Our perfect family

She has definitely become a daddy's girl!  

They are two peas in a pod!

and madly in love!

TB loves her Nana!!!

Bloggy Update

A huge THANK YOU to Leslie for redoing our blog!  I know it has been a long time since an update but I promise I will update soon :)

Leslie was awesome to work with and I recommend her to everyone!  I told her exactly what I wanted and she just ran with it.  You are simply the best Leslie and I am so grateful to know you!!!!