Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Goodbye Down... One to Come, Hopefully!

We are desperately trying sell our prized 2007 Toyota Solara!  We bought this car back in December 2010 for T so he could drive it and get better gas milage.  (Remember he was driving 700+ miles a week!) Well now that my country man is back in town he wants a TRUCK!  Shocker, huh?!  I am a little sad to this car go because I feel like a hot young mom while driving it.  Why, you ask...Its a freaking sporty car with a sun roof and Im used to driving a Yukon :)  Back to the car...  It is a 2007 with 73,000 miles.  When we bought it in December it was a one owner vehicle that a local doctor had purchased for his wife.  His wife was older and had recently passed away so he thought it was time to trade it in.  


Driver's Side

Back (yes, I blurred out our tag :)) Supporting the Hubs


The goods

Driver's side - Please excuse the floor mat.  I promise it is usually not that dirty and will vacuum it's just been a week.

Back seat - Its actually quite spacious for a two door!

My FAVORITE part!!!  I love having radio controls on my steering wheel!

Now onto the important move :)

Last week my very best friend moved to LA.  Not LA as in Lower Alabama but LA as in Los Angeles!!!! She is like me, small town girl next door!  Now she has been feed to the wolves.  Seriously though, she will be fine and she is super pumped!  I however, am super sad :(  She has been my very besets friend since high school.  I am extremely excited for her and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving (and all our FaceTime talks!) and Christmas!!!   
Me, Amy Hannah and TB at Ams going away party :(

Friday, August 5, 2011

A few of my favorite wedding photos...

About three months or so ago I FINALLY got our wedding pictures cd!  Our photographer was HORRENDOUS and should seriously not be able to shoot weddings ever again!  I just wanted to post a few of my favorites after I have spent several hours of editing them.  Seriously y'all I do not kid!  

My wedding dress!  Isn't it absolutely beautiful?!

Rachel, Brittany, Amy Hannah and myself!  Getting all dolled up before the "I dos" start!  I have been BFFs with Brittany for over eight years, Amy Hannah for 10+ years and Rachel for a long time (can't exactly remember)! 

My girls and I again... We are dressed now :)

One of my most favorites!  

My handsome Hubs with his "Pimptastic" boy! Reese, Keith, Chad & The Hubs!  Reese and The Hubs have been friends since high school, Keith is The Hubs father and Chad The Hubs little brother!

LOVE my dress!!!

LOVE this picture!

My most favorite group picture of all!  Even more than the posed, churchy ones!  We are all so close and we love it!!!

Our wedding rings.

My Cake.  Simple, Elegant, Beautiful, Classic, Southern, Classy, Fancy, Pearly...  I could go on and on about the Simplicity Elegance of my cake but I think you get the gist by the picture.  I absolutely adored my cake and wouldn't have wanted it any other way!  The best part, it was the most delicious cake ever!

I promise to thoroughly update you on ALL the drama with our photographer and photos but I will need to do it on a Saturday that The Hubs is at the station and TB at her dad's house.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Updated Info

First of all The Hubs no longer works in Montgomery!  Can I get an Amen?!?!  The Hubs was having to drive a over a 100 miles each way and was having to work 24hrs on, 24hrs off.  That totals over 700 miles a week!!! Be grateful you didn't have to buy that gas!  In case you were curious that's $10,000 a year we were spending in gas for him alone!!!  Now he is working about 5 mins from our house and his schedule will be 24hrs on, 48hrs off!  We are all so excited to have him home more!  TB said the other day she never wanted him to go back to work :)  Someone has gotten a little spoiled by all this attention. 

We have also made a new purchase recently!  We bought a MacBook Pro!  The Hubs has been wanting one for as long as I can remember and we finally bit the bullet and bought one!  He loves it, I love it and TB loves it!  So it;s a win in the Payne house!  A funny side story: I was texting a girl at work while we were at Best Buy purchasing MB and told her The Hubs reasoning was he needed it for work!  Her replay was priceless; Wow, Apple has now made their laptops fight fires!  That's freakin awesome!  I burst into laughter and had to share with The Hubs who did not think it was so funny.  He really wants to start his own side business and the computer will help with that job, not directly though.  Oh, and my most favorite program is iPhoto!  We had a horrendous time with our wedding pictures (another post, another day!!!) and I have been able to fix most photos with iPhoto.  That really makes me happy but also really pisses me off because it shows how our HORRIBLE photographer didn't try anything to help! 

TB will be starting a new preschool :/  I am very sad that she will be leaving her current preschool but also very excited!  The school is currently at is a private school with grades K2-12.  Therefore, you have to be 2 before you can start and seeing as The Hubs wants babies we wanted TB to have time to adjust to her new school before a new sibling.  I went to visit the new preschool last week and I was amazed!!!  It was the cleanest, nicest preschool ever!!!  They have real classrooms with a computer and tv in every room.  They also have a potty and door to the playground in every room.  This preschool is located downtown so it is under major lock-down which I LOVE!!!  Don't get me wrong, our "downtown" is not like most.  We live in a very small town but still I love knowing how protected they are with their facility and kids!  I took TB to meet her teachers and see her room yesterday and she LOVED it.  She is so excited and I am so grateful.  I was really dreading the move thinking she would hate it but she really seems happy about it.