Saturday, March 31, 2012

35 Weeks

Please excuse the way I look...  This was taken at 9pm (an hour after my bedtime) and after a long, rough day!  But I am huge!!!  I really hope my tummy goes down fast after delivery! Ha... Who am I kidding?! It took 3 years to loose TB's weight and she is 4 now :)  

Size of Baby: At my appointment on Tuesday she weighed 6 pounds even.  That could be off a pound or so either way... Looks like EK is going to be chunky :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Apparently my computer forgot I deleted this question... Enough.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and even most of my maternity shirts are getting a little too short.  But I am not buying new ones to wear for a couple of weeks.

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: All the time, Thank the Lord!!!

Belly Button: Flattening out and will still poke out some when she rolls across it.  Foe the most part it is an innie still.  

Interesting Facts: EK's kidneys are fully developed and her liver can now process waste.  I'm thinking this means lots of diaper changes in our future.  

Sleep: What's that?  Its really not that bad.  I'm getting between 3-4 hours a night.  Guess God's preparing me ahead of time.  

What I miss: This week nothing.  I have absolutely soaked up being pregnant this week and loved it.  

What I am looking forward to: Meeting Elli Kate of course!  

Cravings/Aversions: Water, Pepsi the same...

Symptoms: The same heart flutters, shortness of breath, indigestion, fatigue...  The normal 35 week symptoms :)

Best Moment This Week: Seeing EK and knowing that she is still chugging along healthy in my tumtum. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

34 Weeks

Okay, so I'm a little late and I have no picture but I will explain in a few :)

Size of Baby: Aprox 18 inches long and weighs about 5 pounds.  We have another BPP Tuesday and this apt they will measure EK's weight.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Again, I forgot to delete this questions! 

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Gender: Still a GIRL :) 

Movement: All the time!  

Belly Button: Still the same "hood-up" phase!

Interesting Facts: The central nervous system is maturing as well as the lungs!  If she were to come today she would probably have to spend a few days in the NICU but she would be a perfectly healthy baby!

Sleep: Almost non-existent but Ive been on bed rest now for two days so Ive been napping some too.

What I miss: I miss being able to wear my wedding rings and high heels!  I miss being able to spend all day outside.  I miss feeling normal.  BUT even with me missing all these things I would MUCH rather be pregnant and not be able to wear/do these things than to be able to and still want a baby in my tummy!  I'm a blessed momma!!!

What I am looking forward to: My appt Tuesday.  I just love getting to see EK and knowing everything is okay! 

Cravings/Aversions: Ocean Water from Sonic with extra ice!!!  Water, cheese crackers and anything sweet!

Symptoms: The same... Indigestion, exhaustion, aches.  But again I wouldn't change it for anything!

Best Moment This Week: Seeing Elli Kate swimming around.  

Weekly Wisdom: I'm fresh out!

So, Ive made it passed the point I did with TB!!!  Whoo-Hoo!!!!  Dr P said he was so proud of me :)  

Wednesday I started not feeling well.  I just brushed it off to the 9th month of pregnancy.  But then I started paying closer attention to why I wasn't feeling well and it kind of scared me.   I came home, went to bed, got up, went back to work and still felt like crap.  I called the dr Thursday and they wanted me to come straight in.  I got there and waited 400 mins.  Then I didn't even see a dr they sent me straight to L&D.  (Side note: I was sitting in the back waiting room and overheard Dr M call L&D and say he was sending over a patient for testing and he called out all the tests he wanted and then gave them the patients name... Brooke Payne.  I had not seen a nurse or a dr yet.  I was freaked!!!)  Once in L&D I was hooked up to the monitor, had an EKG done, lots of blood drawn and waited.  I got there around 4 and left around 8:30 on bed rest until Monday.  

So you are wanting to know how/why I wasn't feeling the same...  I have been having lots of really bad swelling!!!  Like Whoa!  I started having these "episodes" where I feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest, I can't catch my breath and I get really hot and clammy.  My first thought was my blood pressure has gone up.  I check it and it was 138/83.  That is normal but for me it was high.  My blood pressure is never over 110/60.  I still just thought it could be my blood pressure and didn't think anything else about all the testing.  Well they checked my blood pressure every 20 mins and the highest it got was 120/80.  So, its not my blood pressure.  Dr M ordered an EKG because I had the feeling of my heart racing and beating out of my chest.  He asked Dr Lewis (who is my mom's cardiologist!) to read it and she said I was golden.  All my blood work came back within normal limits so the conclusion is my little bitty heart can't pump all the extra blood I have right now so it makes me feel that way.  Weird..?  YES!  That's me :)  Hopefully this will not effect EK at all and after I deliver it should all stop :)  I will meet with Dr P this Tuesday and hopefully we will have more answers.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

33 Weeks & Update

Me and TB at my baby shower Sunday. 

Size of Baby: According to Baby Center barely over 4 lbs.  A pineapple!  However, last week she was 4.5 lbs so we know she's grown since then!  T and the girls at work think she weighs 5 lbs. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Can I please delete this question?

Maternity Clothes: Yes and since I have been pregnant mostly in the winter I had to break down and buy three new short sleeve shirts.  

Gender: Girl!!!  Trust me, I saw another shot and she is all girl!

Movement: It's really stressing me out!  She has stopped kicking me and is now just turning around.  She is already head down and in position so baby girl just doesn't have much space to move around.  

Belly Button: ... looks hilarious :)  It is still an innie but when she wants it out of her way she definitely will kick it flat!

Interesting Facts: This week EK's bones start to really harden and prepare for life outside the womb!

Sleep: What's sleep?  Maybe I will remember in a year or two :)

What I miss: See above.  Truly, I miss very little these days.  Im just ready to meet my princess!

What I am looking forward to: My work baby shower tomorrow!  Also, Monday!  If I can make it through this next week that means I have made it through the week I delivered TB.  In pregnancy days if I can make it through next Saturday I will have EK in longer than TB!  I have very mixed emotions about this... Maybe I should blog about that later. 

Cravings/Aversions: Water, spicy (even though it KILLS me!), this week I craved a coke in a glass bottle. 

Symptoms: Swelling!!!  Whew, I have completely lost my ankles, feet and toes.  I am all legs.  My bff at work says I look like Professor Klump!  Thanks Melissa!

Best Moment This Week: EK passing her BPP!  Baby girl is nothing like her sweet sister. She passed her BPP in three mins!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Prop those feet up!

Baby Hudson was moved yesterday into a regular room!  Praise the Lord!  He is having some issues eating with sucking but that is not uncommon seeing as what all he has gone through.  Jimmy and Jenny are very optimistic he will get it soon and be home within the next few weeks!  

Baby Charleigh got her results from the dye scan this week and the cancer is confined to the one tumor!!!  I know to most this wouldn't be a Praise God moment but the fact that the cancer was not in her lymph nodes or anywhere else is such an amazing miracle!!!  Anna Marie and Mitchell will meet with a surgeon next week to discuss Charleigh's options!  

Our God is such a loving and awesome God!!! He has answered so many prayers and His light has shone through to so many people through Hudson and Charleigh!  I honestly do not see how people do not believe or trust!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Charleigh Jo & Hudson

I have two good friends Anna Marie and Jenny.  A little background, Anna Marie has a daughter Logan who was born in August 2007, Jenny has a daughter Lily Grace who was born October 2007.  If you know TB then you know her birthday is September 2007.  All three girls are between August-October the same year and they all love to play together!  Anna Marie found out she was pregnant again and due February 2012(GIRL), Jenny found out she was expecting again and she was due March 2012 (BOY)then I found out I was pregnant due in April 2012(GIRL).  Yay!  We are all having babies again so they can play!!!

Anna Marie delivered in February and they thought Charleigh had a hemangioma.  After she was born they did an ultrasound and decided to refer her to Children's.  Last week Anna Marie found out that Charleigh Jo did not have a hemangioma but rather a tumor.  She had an appointment today at Children's with an oncologist and they diagnosed Charleigh with neroblastoma!  Anna Marie said that they have two appointments next week for more testing but in the mean time PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Charleigh Jo, Anna Marie and their whole family!!!

Jenny had her sweet baby, Hudson, on Monday! Jenny found out at her 4D ultrasound though that Hudson was going to have to have heart surgery.  Honestly, I can't remember the name of his condition but it is where the arteries in his heart are crossed.  Jenny switched to a doctor in Birmingham who specializes in high risk and where they could take better care of Hudson.  I got a text yesterday from Jenny saying after she delivered they sent Hudson to the heart cath.  He did awesome thorough the heart cath and they have his big surgery scheduled for Thursday!  PLEASE, PLEASE pray for him, the surgeons operating on him and nurses taking care of him!  PLEASE pray for Jenny and their family!  I could not imagine!!!

It absolutely breaks my heart to have to write this posts about these sweet babies!  TB loves to play and is BFF with these babies older sisters and it breaks her heart too!  I could not imagine being in either shoes and pray every second I can for them!  It also makes me that much more grateful I have a healthy baby girl and another one on the way!

32 Weeks

Size of Baby: Per Baby Center (which is where I get my info from) EK should weigh 3.75 pounds. However, because I am having BPPs every week we know she weighs albs 8 oz :)  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: We aren't going there.  Remember...?!

Maternity Clothes: Um, Yes!  I have been wearing smalls and mediums but now my smalls are a little too short for my big 'ole belly.  My mediums still fit as long as they are ruched on the sides.  I have borrowed four or five shirts from a good friend that are larges and unfortunately they fit perfectly around the tummy :(  

Gender: GIRL

Movement: Yes, about that.  If you recall, TB was SIX weeks early.  One day she quit moving and I went to the dr to check because my mom was freaking her freak and two days later I had an emergency c-section.  You see, TB's umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck (tight!) and in two knots!!!  So I am little freaked if I do not feel constant movement.  Which brings us to now, EK is running out room so I no longer feel kicks, thumps and punches.  I am feeling her move but not like I want to.  I can feel her repositioning her arm or leg but that's all.  Dr. P told me to try and stay calm and when I don't feel her move for more than thirty mins to an hr lay down and count.  He has been so awesome through this whole process and completely understands (or pretends to at least) my fears and concerns.  

Belly Button: Is starting to flatten out and at times the top part pokes out :)  Makes me smile because I know it means EK is a growing girl.  

Interesting Facts: Elli Kate is gaining half a pound a week from now until birth!  She also has fingernail, toenails and hair!

Sleep: Well... Me and Mr Sandman don't see eye to eye.  He won't let me sleep and it seems when I do my alarm goes off :(  BUT, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

What I miss: Nothing!

What I am looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend :) :) :)

Cravings/Aversions: White Chocolate Oreos, Water & Pepsi.  Oh and anything spicy!!!

Symptoms: Heart burn like crazy 

Best Moment This Week: EK passing her BPP in under five mins!  You see, that's what TB failed and caused her to be born early.  I haven't had one since (seeing as if I haven't been this far along since) so I was extremely nervous!  Baby Girl is growing and as healthy as can be!

Weekly Wisdom: Love on your children!!!