Saturday, January 29, 2011

We Interrupt This Series to Bring You Up to Speed

I am still working on the "Story behind our House" posts but I thought I would also catch you all up to date on what has been going on with the Payne's. 

I have mentioned before that I was hospitalized in September.  Well during that lovely stay at DCH my doctors diagnosed me with either diverticulitis or with Crohn's Disease.  Well neither was good news but I was trying my best to eat healthier and follow my extremely strict diet :)  I was to have a colonoscopy in February 2011 and I knew everything would be fine until then.  Or so I thought...  Last Saturday morning about 2am I started hurting!  It feels like someone is bursting through some organ (which I now know is my colon) on my lower left side of my body, kind of behind my pelvis.  I woke the hubs up and he insisted we go to the dr.  We waited until 7:30 to get up and went straight to the er.  I had a CT done which normally can show whether or not I have an abscess and if so where it is at well go figure no abscess!  The er dr wanted to admit me again and start me on antibiotics and call my gastro.  Long story sort, gastro came in and said we would do antibiotics for 48 hrs and then colonoscopy on Monday morning!  Whoo - Freakin - Hoo!!! (Major sarcasm there!)

I was in tons of pain and honestly most of the pains meds they give do not even touch the pain!  I have become a pro at what meds I can tolerate and what works best and for some unknown reason the foreign dr that was covering for my general dr decided to switch my meds up on me!  She gave me a pain med that was "10 times more potent than morphine" and after trying two doses and me explaining I did not like the way it made me feel she decided to change it to actually morphine.  Hello Foreign Lady Dr. I have never seen before in my life, but you need to spend more than two seconds in a room with me and listen to the words I am saying before you just start throwing out the pain meds you think would be best for my condition!!!  (Side note: I do not have a problem with foreigners and my gastro is a foreign dr who I LOVE and ADORE!  But this dr might have been 25 and she was rude as all get out!)  Needless to say the morphine did not work either and the nurse had to call my general doctor to change the meds once again!  Demerol and Phenergan, O how I love thee!!! 

Then Sunday afternoon I was to start the prep for the colonoscopy on Monday!  Who, in their right mind created that drink?  You know the one I am talking about... Go Lytely!  Seriously peeps we are in the year 2011 and you mean to tell me there is no other way to fully rid my colon of all it's crap?!?!?!!!  No pun intended, hehe!  It was awful!  So my amazing, sweet, incredible hubs was sitting right along and feeding me jello after I took a sip of the infamous drink!  LOVE him!!!!  (Side note: This is about to get gruesome and way to much info so this is your warning!)  After about two or three cups the drink started to do its job and where do you think my sweet hubs went for this part of the night?!?!?  In the bathroom with me or sitting in the chair right outside coaching me on!  Your probably thinking no big deal but I was not going number "2" like normal it was like a bomb had been set off inside my colon and we were living through it!  I mean it had the same noise and the same outcome, I promise!  Never once did T say gross, yuck, you look like crap or anything!  I drank 1/4 of a gallon and I started puking!  At that point I asked for more phenergan knowing I would not be able to drink the rest but what good does it do to drink it if I am just going to throw it up?  Trust me I was pretty cleaned out!

Fast forwarding, I had the colonoscopy and whatever meds they gave me I can not remember ANYTHING from the time the nurse said "Your bp is dropping so I am going to give you some meds to bring it up." until about lunchtime on Tuesday!  They were amazing!!!  (I just realized I might sound like a junkie!)  Dr S, my gastro, supposedly came in and told us he removed about 47+ biopsies of my colon (to test for Crohn's) and I had NO diverticulitis!  Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!  He said I could go back to a regular diet and eat whatever my little heart desires!  Whoop-whoop!  But, I will in extremely baby steps!  I am still too scared!  Dr S said the abscess from September was probably on the outside of the colon instead the inside (in other words-not his problem since he is a gastro!). 

His nurse called and said all the biopsies also came back NEGETIVE for Crohn's!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!  I am still in pain (which has not really left since September) but I am trying to take it easy =) and let T wait on my every whim!  Hahahaha, not!  I went back to work and life full force Wednesday and have yet to stop!  Whew, hope I don't over do it!  But I am super duper excited about a dear friend's baby shower at our house tomorrow and then dinner with another friend Monday! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whirl Wind Weekend

This weekend was crazy!  We live in the South and it never snows here!  We actually that is a lie.  It has snowed every year TB has been here :)  However, either it does not snow long enough or hard enough to stick or it is too cold and it turns into ice!  The weather man said mid-week last week it would snow this weekend but no one believed him!  Well it snowed and iced here enough to close everything down on Monday, delay most things until noon Tuesday and close all schools down until Wednesday :)  T and I were a little excited at first because we thought it would be so much fun to get to stay home and play in the snow with the fam!  Well...  Then the mean Mommy I am decided if it really did snow I was going to have to put limits to TB being in the frigid weather seeing as she has been sick going on three weeks!  So T and TB were not happy campers that I wasn't going to let TB play ALL DAY in the snow!  Then when we woke up Monday there was snow...all 1/18th of an inch only along our fence line and trampoline!  Whew...  I didn't even have to argue with either of them!  :)  We cuddled by the fire and watched movies and then went to our neighbors house to watch the National Championship game...Boo!  It was a nice long weekend until I got to work this morning!  Then I immediately regretted praying for all the snow and ice to keep home on Monday because I am so far behind and without a scanner :( 

Anywho, I am working on a series of posts about the Payne's so keep an eye out for them!