Monday, October 24, 2011

13 Weeks

This is one proud sister!  Please excuse the way this Momma looks :)  It has been a l.o.n.g. day!!!

Size of Baby: 3 inches - medium shrimp (kind of makes me feel like I went backward...)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -5 Went to the doctor today and I was the same as last month!

Maternity Clothes: All pants besides one pair.  I can still wear all shirts though...Make that most shirts :)

Gender: We find out November 22nd!!!  But we will not revel until after Thanksgiving!

Movement: I wish... Hopefully soon!

Sleep: None but I am NOT complaining

What I miss: Absolutely NOTHING!!!

What I am looking forward to: Feeling Baby P move and find out the sex...One month :)

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings - Water, potatoes, water, milk and water Aversions - Anything other than water, milk or potatoes!

Symptoms: Nauseous, fatigue, breathing issues but still NOT complaining.  I would much rather be sick than baby-less!

Best Moment This Week: Hearing Baby P's heart swooshing today at Dr P's office!

Weekly Wisdom: Fresh out...

Monday, October 17, 2011

12 Weeks

This is the only picture I have... This was this weekend and T's Family Reunion.  That's T, Me, Richard, Tara, Brittany and Seth.  We love our family!  

Size of Baby: Lime, 2 inches long!  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of this weekend I am down a total of 5 lbs.  If only I could just hold off here :)

Maternity Clothes: I have been able to wear most of my pants with a rubber band or belly band until the last two weeks.  My tummy has thickened quite a bit but I am not complaining.  

Gender: That's the question of the pregnancy!  Honestly, I could careless.  All I want is a healthy baby.  However... My sweet hubby really wants a baby boy (since we already have a girl) and my sweet baby girl really wants a baby girl!  TB says she already enough brothers (4 to be exact) and she doesn't need another one.  

Movement: I know Baby P is moving a lot because we watched it during our sonogram but I haven't felt it yet.  Maybe it will start within the next month?!

Sleep: None but I am not complaining! I would much rather be sick and restless than I would not pregnant!

What I miss: Absolutely, positively, NOTHING!!!

What I am looking forward to: Everything!  I can not wait until I can feel Baby P and T too!  

Cravings/Aversions: I am loving mashed potatoes and anything bland.  What makes me sick changes from day to day though.  

Symptoms: Morning sickness (or all day sickness), sore breasts, fatigue and so much more...

Best Moment This Week: Making it to 12 weeks!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Every pregnancy is as different as every child :)

Someone's Going to be a Big Sister...

 I know, I am a total slacker in the blogging world but I have a valid reason.  I have not been able to blog because we had a secret that needed to be kept hush, hush!  We are beyond thrilled to announce that Baby Payne will be joining our family in April 2012!

One happy girl ;)
That's right, I am twelve weeks today and we couldn't be more excited!!!  I have been one sick Momma BUT it will totally be worth it so there are no complaints from me!  We tried to get pregnant for two months and bam we are pregnant...  But on my birthday (June 22nd) our biggest fears came true and we lost that baby.  This was my second miscarriage and it was hard!  Then two months later we found out we were blessed with another sweet baby.  Because of all the complications with TB and having two failed pregnancies I am considered "high risk".  I called my doctor, Dr P, and explained I did not want to be "high risk" yet because that term really stresses me out.  Dr P willing agreed and scheduled me at 10 weeks.  This could quite possibly of been the longest 10 weeks of our lives.  We went and were able to see Baby P is well and growing.

We have another doctors appointment next Monday and we are praying at that appointment we will be able to schedule the next ultrasound!

Please keep me, Baby P, T and sweet TB in your prayers!  We need a healthy pregnancy, momma and family!