Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Favorite Double D's

Before we go any further - You know when you read my title you were thinking boobs!  Well my newest favorite show talked about Mrs. Kay's "full figure" so that's where I got title of this post :)  More to come on that in a second!   

This is our newest FAVORITE show!  It is about a family business of making duck calls.  My favorite thing about the show is that I have never heard them cuss and our whole family can watch it together!  

The Robertson's
From L to R
Mrs. Kay, Phil, Willie, Uncle Si, Jase and Korie
Photo courtesy of A&E 

It comes on at 9pm Wednesday night on A&E!!!  It's a MUST watch :)
Photo courtesy of A&E 

Photo courtesy of A&E 
This is Phil - He is the founder of Duck Commander and the reason there is the show Duck Dynasty.  He is a preacher and loves the Lord and "aint fraid" to tell it!  He also created the first ever DC duck call and was going to keep it a family business... Until his son Willie came along...  

Photo courtesy of A&E 

This is Willie - He is the CEO of Duck Commander and the son of Phil.  He sits in his office (a duck blind most days) and takes care of "keeping the family business from sinking".  

This is Jase - He builds the duck calls.  He is Willie's older brother and biggest competition!!!  

Photo courtesy of A&E 

This is Uncle Si - He is a Vietnam Veteran and my favorite!  He rocks my socks off and cracks my side open!  No, literally... I thought I had ripped open my c-section incision my first Wednesday night after having EK!  Uncle Si always has a Tupperware cup full of sweet tea :) and always has the best analogies!

Photo courtesy of A&E 

This is Mrs Kay - Phil's wife and Willie's momma.  Mrs Kay can cook!!!  Granted she cooks stuff I would NEVER eat; she cooks!  Her favorite is squirrel brains and frog legs :/ 

Photo courtesy of A&E 

This is Korie - Willie's wife.  My husband says she married for money but I'm not going to lie after watching the show I would so totally marry Willie (If I wasn't already taken by the most amazing man ever!!!) just so I could laugh with him and his family 24/7!  It's not all about looks!  

This is some more of the Robertson clan.  That's Jep in the top left - he is Willie's younger brother and his wife is in the red shirt.  Jase's wife is in the khaki jacket on the far right.  

Photo courtesy of Duck Commander 

This is a Duck Commander duck call.  I decided to add a picture of it in case there was anyone who wasn't sure what a duck call was.  Honestly, before I met The Hubs I wouldn't have had a clue what this silly contraption was but now not only do I know, I have to listen to it 24/7 during duck season.  I also have to pray that when he returns from hunting he remembers to put all calls up before TB finds them or its over!  She loves a duck call... My little country girl!  

So make sure you tune into A&E on Wednesday night at 9pm Central time to laugh your boo-tay off :)  

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