Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EK - One Month

Good gracious, I can not believe I am writing EK's One Month posts!  This is insane!!!  EK turned one month old on Mother's Day.  This past month has flown by way too fast and I am not looking forward to the next months passing as fast as these.  

Elli Kate, 
I am blown away at how fast this past month has flown by.  You have added so much to our family and brought so much love, joy and laughter!  We love you so much and can not imagine our lives without you! 

Weight, Height: I am guessing 8 pounds.  At your two month check-up you weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and were 20.5 inches long.  

Diaper Size: We just moved to a size 1 but they are huge!  We probably should have stayed in Newborn but I thought they were a little too snug.  I really wish they had a size in the middle of the two.  

Eating Habits: You just started taking 4 ounces at every bottle and you love it.  When we came home you were strictly on breast milk but we had lots of different issues so we had to move you to formula about two weeks ago.  You seem to like it okay but you still root around for the boob even while you are taking your bottle.  It is precious!  

Sleep Habits: You are an incredible sleeper! (Knock on wood!!!) You usually go to bed around 10pm and sleep until 5:30am.  You will take a bottle at 5:30am and then go back to sleep until 8am.  Half of the time you will wake up around 2:30am, take a bottle and then go back to sleep until 6am.  After your first morning bottle you usually stay up until 11am.  You usually take 3 good naps during the day.  

New Funs: You have really started moving your head and gaining more control over it.  You love tummy time - as long as it isn't time for you to eat :)  

New Adventures: Last weekend we went to Montgomery to visit some family.  You had a blast :)  I will post about it soon. 

Things You Love: Your absolute favorite thing is your Big Sissy!  You can be fussy and as soon as your sister gets you or starts to talk you calm down.  Your other favorite thing is to be swaddled!  About 90% of your day you are swaddled.  Even when you are awake you want to be swaddled.  You also love your music lamb.  When you are playing in the floor you think it has to be right by your side.  When you are fussy the main way daddy and I can calm you down is to pat your booty.  You LOVE being spanked :)  (TB really thought we were spanking her at first, it was funny!) You also love staying in the bathroom with me while I am getting ready.  Most days you just sit and watch me without ever making a peep.  

Things You Dislike: You do not like to be cold! Just like me :)  If you are the slightest bit cold you will start to whimper and whine until I swaddle you. You also do not like getting out of the bath.  But then again, who does?  You scream your little lungs out when I take you out and rub your lotion on.  You detest it all!!!  You also do not like me changing your clothes.  

I can't express how thankful we are to have you in our lives!  We spent so many hours, days, weeks and months praying that you would come into our lives and God went above and beyond granting our prayer.  I have loved every second of getting to be your mommy and take care of you.  There is no greater joy in my life than being your (and your Sissy's!!!) mommy and I feel so honored and blessed!

Love you more than you'll ever know,

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  1. Checking in from Kelly's Korner:) What a great blog you have!! I love that you have an EK just like us. Nothing like a double name for a girl. You are one blessed mom!