Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elli Kate's Newborn Pictures - OVERLOAD

The Hubs is definitely on the top of my FAVORITE list right now :)  You see, our wedding photographer totally screwed us!  I don't even have one picture in my home from our wedding :(  So when I got pregnant I explained that I wanted a professional photographer to take hospital pictures and throughout the first year pictures.  He totally delivered and so did Megan Forehand!  She was so patient, attentive and fun!!!  So here are a few of our favorites!  I say few because we have 215 favorites!!! =)

 Again, a HUGE thanks to Megan Forehand for capturing EK's newness for us!  We will always cherish these pictures of EK and our new family!!!


  1. Oh Em Gee! Those are precious!!!! I LOVE the ones of big sis holding little sis! Amazing moments captured. Just beautiful!

  2. Sweet pictures! Stopping by from Kelly's! You have a beautiful family!

  3. OH I love them all. Y'all are a beautiful family!